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Welcome to e-hygiene, Home of Cleaner Cleaning

e-hygiene offers our clients in the Catering Industry a new, eco friendly concept in cleaning, janitorial and disposable products.

e-hygiene stocks a range of eco friendly products, and Realco cleaning products with enzymes which actually clean waste water by breaking down fats and starches. Enzyme products mean using less phosphates, which is great for the environment, and they also reduce the build up of grease in your drains, which saves on drain cleaners and e-hygiene dosing equipment is RoHS compliant. Our paper and disposable ranges include 100% recycled and compostable products, packaging and food service products made from renewable resources rather than plastics.

e-hygiene recognises that costs will always be an important consideration for our clients. Our eco friendly products are competitively priced, but we also supply a full range of conventional products. This allows our clients to carry on using their preferred products, but gives them the opportunity to introduce eco friendly products when they feel it appropriate.

To reduce paper usage, our clients can log onto their account with us and view all their documents, including prices and delivery notes. e-hygiene is here to help you be clean and green. Contact us for more information.