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COSHH Data Sheets

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Glass Machine Detergent
Glass and Window Cleaner (trigger)
Glass and Window Cleaner
Goddards Long Term Silver Polish
Goddards foaming silver polish
Gojo Antibac Lotion Soap
Gojo Antibacterial Foam Soap
Gojo Deluxe Lotion Soap Moisturiser
HD Scale Breaker
Heritage Polish
Imperial Leather Pump
Imperial Leather Soap
Janitol Descale
Jeyes Bloo Blue Single
Jeyes Fluid
Kleenaire Gels
Laundry Detergent Biological
Laundry Detergent Non Bio
Laundry Powder Biological
Laundry Powder non Biological
Leather Conditioner
Legend 6 all purpose super
Legend 8 toilet cleaner super
Lemon Detergent
Lemon Gel
Lenor with Febreze
Lsc Antibac Hand Wash
Lsc Apple Hand Wash
Lsc Bactericidal Hand Wash
Lsc Blue Moon Hand Wash
Lsc Cherry Burst Hand Wash
Lsc Coco Butter Hand Lotion
Lsc Coco Butter Hand Wash
Lsc Coconut Hand and Body Wash
Lsc Deluxe Hand Wash
Maidaid Glass Renovator
Merlin 1 wash up super
Merlin 2 sanitiser super
Merlin 4 washroom super
Merlin 5 glass cleaner super
Merlin 7 air freshener super
Methylated Spirit
Metzo Floor Cleaner
Mr Muscle Multi Surface
Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner
Multi Clean
Odour Neutraliser, e-zyme
Odour Neutraliser
One Shot Drain Cleaner
Oven Cleaner (trigger)
Oven Cleaner
Parazone Extra Power Thick Bleach
Perfumed Deluxe Handsoap
Persil non bio
Pledge Polish
Probe wipes
Prochem Leather Cleaner
Proheat Fuel
Puly Caff NSF Powder
Purell Hand Sanitising Foam
Purell Hand Sanitising Wipes
Purell Hygienic Hand Rub
QuatDet Bactericidal Detergent
Quick Dry Rinse Aid
Raid Flying Insect Killer
Rational CM Cleaner Red.LIQUID
Rational CM Rinse Blue-LIQUID
Rational Care
Rational Tablets
Realco Bioblock
Realco Citronet
Realco Degrazym BtoB