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e-hygiene – Innovation in cleaning and hygiene

Welcome to the launch of e-hygiene, bringing you an exiting new range of both environmentally friendly green and conventional cleaning and hygiene products, backed up by years of experience in manufacturing, distribution and quality service.

Dedicated to our customers

As a caterer you know the importance of maintaining high standards of hygiene in all areas, especially in kitchen areas where food safety is paramount. You can rely on our products which are easy to use and of a consistently high quality. Our state of the art dosers and dispensers are reliable and cost effective.

We understand that you cannot have your hygiene standards compromised by late or incomplete deliveries. We have our own delivery vans and our own drivers, or we use specialist carriers where this provides a better service to our customers. If you need to know when your delivery is arriving, we can tell you. We maintain our stock levels so that when you place your order, your goods are here and ready to go.

If you need advice on products or training, you can easily contact our sales office or your dedicated Account Manager.

Caring for the Environment

Our excellent conventional range of cleaning products are produced by manufacturers with more than 60 years experience, and wherever possible we have a concentrated version of these products, to reduce the impact of packaging and transportation.

We are very excited to be introducing an ecologically beneficial range of enzymatic products to the UK. These products are manufactured by REALCO, a Belgian company established in the 1960s. Enzymes are natural products which eat grease and bacteria, so the water going down your drains from dishwashing machines and sinks will be cleaner, reducing the need for chemical drain cleaners. The enzymes will carry on cleaning the waste water as it re-enters the water system, until they break down naturally. If you have problems with drain odours, blocked drains, grease traps, washroom odours and floors with ground-in dirt and grease, we strongly recommend this product range. The results are very impressive.

We supply a range of 100% recycled napkins, paper towels and toilet rolls (with biodegradable packaging and core) and our bin liners all contain recycled plastic. Try out our ‘Save our Planet’ refuse sacks which are compostable and 100% recycled. We have a range of cups, food bowls, plates, burger boxes, cutlery etc. which are compostable and biodegradable. They are made from fully renewable resources such as corn oil and wood cellulose.

We realise that costs will always be an important consideration for our customers, so our product range gives you the option to choose from our conventional range and from our environmentally friendly products, when and where you feel this is appropriate for your operation.

New Partnership for Greener future . Realco

e-hygiene is the sole uk distributor of Realco enzyme based cleaning products. We have worked with the belgium based manufacturer to refine a range that would work for the uk market, which is currently available solely through e-hygiene. To view these products click here. The new range consists of the Realco Enzyme based cleaning products that eat bacteria, meaning cleaner more economical cleaning from the Dishwashing machine to the bathroom. We know you will be impressed by the results. Read more >

Website Launched March 2008

We are proud to present our brand new website. The marketing team have been in development of the site from the end of 2007 and hope that you find the pages and content displayed to be not only visually pleasing, but also to be informative and easy to navigate through. Should you have any further ideas to help us develop the website or if you experienced any problems in accessing the site, then please contact our team on . We hope you enjoy scrolling through the website and any further questions on our products and services then do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01689 892522.