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Introducing our Conventional product range

All our detergents and chemical cleaners have been produced in the UK by our own chemist to our specifications, and are subject to continual quality control.
If you prefer to use concentrates, please ask us for our Super e range, which is included below. Concentrates are very economical and also help reduce environmental impact as they require less packaging and transportation.

Our paper, disposable and equipment ranges are all produced by well established manufacturers and are consistently of a high standard.

Please select a group to view details of our products. Select the product group title to view:


Dishmachine Hardwater Detergent

Dishmachine Detergent

Download Dishmachine Hardwater Detergent COSHH pdf

Quick Dry

Dishmachine Rinse Aid

Download Quick Dry COSHH pdf

Chlorinated Dishmachine Detergent

Dishmachine Detergent

Download Chlorinated Dishmachine Detergent COSHH pdf


Aluminium and gold ring safe dishmachine detergent

Download Alikleen COSHH pdf

Glass Machine Detergent

Formulated especially for glasswashing machines

Download Glassmachine Detergent COSHH pdf

Ultra Super e

Concentrated Dishmachine Detergent

Download Ultra Super e COSHH pdf

Clear Dry Super e

Concentrated Dishmachine Rinse Aid

Download Clear Dry Super e pdf