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Introducing our Green product range

You don't have to buy the whole eco friendly range. You can mix and match. Just using one enzymatic product will make your waste water cleaner and help to improve the environment.

Let us introduce you to Enzymes. Enzymes eat grease and bacteria. If you have problems with drain smells, blocked drains, grease traps, washroom odours and floors with ground-in dirt and grease, we strongly recommend our enzymatic product range. These state of the art products can solve many ongoing problems with grease and ingrained dirt. We know you’ll be impressed by the results you get.

If you prefer to use concentrates, please ask us for our Super e range, which is included in our conventional range. Concentrates are very economical and also help reduce environmental impact as they require less packaging and transportation.

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Reanet 65

Dishmachine Detergent - no phosphates or chlorine

Download Reanet 65 COSHH pdf

Reanet E

Dishmachine Detergent with enzymes + anti foaming

Download Reanet E COSHH pdf

Reasec 10

Rinsing and Drying agent

Download Reasec 10 COSHH pdf


Dishmachine Enzymatic Tablets

Download Tablets COSHH pdf